Understanding A0-37

1264FireEMSOur radio ads with the simple message that the assembly needs to take a more thorough look at this document and how dramatically this will effect your public safety:
Bad Legislation
Public Safety
Yellvington Life Safety

We found significant issues with the removal of the Fire Prevention Division from the city:

A short piece we wrote awhile ago regarding the importance of emergency medical care in Anchorage, a service this proposed ordinance was seeking to end:

The original proposal had the exclusion of Emergency Care Services,  a service that has received national recognition.  If your company had a component that was the best of the best, would you eliminate it?

Fire Fighters have continually agreed to help the city when times are bad, why does the mayor feel the need to gut city services now:

We continue to stress the importance of allowing our firefighters to have a say in staffing levels that protect the community and themselves: