Anchorage Fire Station 8



Anchorage Fire Station 8 is located on O’Malley Road just above Birch and houses 4 Anchorage Firefighters and 2 Fire Apparatus (Engine / Tender).  The Engine is staffed with 3 firefighters and is used primarily for fire suppression and emergency medical support.  The Tender is a fire suppression support apparatus and holds 2500 gallons of water to assist with fires in non-hydranted areas, such as our Anchorage Hillside.

Fire Station 8 has a unique duty that they perform for our department during the day in between responding to 911 calls; they maintain the Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) for the Anchorage Fire Department, Girdwood Fire Department, and Chugiak Fire Department.  These technicians, certified by the manufacturer, take care of making sure our SCBA’s are in top working order along with testing each firefighters mask yearly for a proper fit.  By performing this function with on-duty firefighters we are able to help save money that would otherwise be spent sending these SCBA’s out to be repaired and maintained.

Medically, Engine 8 is staffed with 3 EMT’s and carries medical gear to provide patient stabilization during an emergency until a neighboring ambulance can arrive on-scene to transport the patient to one of our area hospitals.  Their gear consist of medical interventions to help in a medical situation, trauma gear to support injuries due to a traumatic event, heart monitoring equipment, and medical oxygen.  When you call 911 from the area surrounding Fire Station 8, this Engine will arrive first to start the initial treatment and assessment and then will be followed by ambulance.  This provides the quickest most efficient service to you during your emergency.

As always, you are more than welcome to stop in and visit with your firefighters at Fire Station 8.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fire Engines carry small hose used to attack fires, large hose used to pump water from a hydrant to another engine, and ground ladders. Typically engines will carry 3-4 personnel. Engines also respond to medical calls, so they carry Advanced Life Support equipment such as cardiac monitors. In an Emergency Medical System like we have here in Anchorage, engines respond with Mobile Intensive Care Units (ambulances) to assist with patient care, or in the event that an ambulance is unable to respond right away, to initiate patient interventions and stabilize the situation until an ambulance can get to the scene. There are 14 fire engines in the Anchorage Fire Service Area, covering just under 1700 square miles. (more…)