Station 7

Jewel Lake - Medic 7


The ambulance at Fire Station 7 was placed in service on Monday September 12.  Jewel Lake, Sand Lake, and Southwest Anchorage now have a much needed ambulance in their area.


Fire Station 7 is located at 88th and Jewel Lake, this station houses Engine 7 and due to voter approval will hopefully house Medic 7 in the near future. Station 7 personnel repair and maintain all of the Anchorage Fire Departments turnout gear (firefighting gear) saving the department money that would otherwise be spent on sending repairs to a vendor.

A full bio will be available soon.

Latest News for Station 7

VOTE YES on Prop 2 Tuesday April 6th…

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Historically, Anchorage voters have been great supporters of public safety, passing nearly every public safety bond to come before them in the last ten years. The men and women of the Anchorage Fire Department do not take that trust lightly, and have worked hard to be part of an emergency response system that delivers some of the best pre-hospital care in the country. Our cardiac save rate continues to be one of the best in the nation, as studies have shown that you have a nearly 40% chance of survival, ranking right behind Seattle and a much higher percentage than the single digits of the majority of US urban areas. This success has led to the Anchorage Fire Department’s inclusion in several studies testing new drugs, equipment, and interventions. (more…)

An ambulance for Southwest Anchorage…

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

KTUU Channel 2 \”Firefighters’ Union battles Mayor, Chief over Jewel Lake ambulance 12/30/09\”

Firefighters are fortunate here in Anchorage to receive overwhelming support from the public in regards to their public safety. The voters have proven this by passing almost all Fire Bonds in the last 10 years. In turn we have taken this support and created a proactive department that delivers some of the best pre-hospital care in the country. Our cardiac save rate continues to be one of the best in the US, as studies have ranked Seattle and Anchorage as the nations best in this category. Because of this we have been asked to participate is cutting edge medical studies. Companies have selected Anchorage to be a part of trial programs using our input to solidify the effectiveness of new innovative cardiac interventions. Adding an ambulance in the Southwest Anchorage would help us meet an increased need for service. (more…)

Anatomy of your fire department…

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fire Engines carry small hose used to attack fires, large hose used to pump water from a hydrant to another engine, and ground ladders. Typically engines will carry 3-4 personnel. Engines also respond to medical calls, so they carry Advanced Life Support equipment such as cardiac monitors. In an Emergency Medical System like we have here in Anchorage, engines respond with Mobile Intensive Care Units (ambulances) to assist with patient care, or in the event that an ambulance is unable to respond right away, to initiate patient interventions and stabilize the situation until an ambulance can get to the scene. There are 14 fire engines in the Anchorage Fire Service Area, covering just under 1700 square miles. (more…)