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Fire Station 12 is located on the Seward Highway frontage road just before Dimond. Station 12 houses Engine 12, Truck 12, Medic 12, and Battalion Chief 2, 12’s crews are trained in Hose and Small Tools Repair. They repair and maintain all of the Anchorage Fire Departments Hose, gas powered tools, and hand tools.

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Anatomy of your fire department…

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fire Engines carry small hose used to attack fires, large hose used to pump water from a hydrant to another engine, and ground ladders. Typically engines will carry 3-4 personnel. Engines also respond to medical calls, so they carry Advanced Life Support equipment such as cardiac monitors. In an Emergency Medical System like we have here in Anchorage, engines respond with Mobile Intensive Care Units (ambulances) to assist with patient care, or in the event that an ambulance is unable to respond right away, to initiate patient interventions and stabilize the situation until an ambulance can get to the scene. There are 14 fire engines in the Anchorage Fire Service Area, covering just under 1700 square miles. (more…)