A Reminder From the United States Fire Administration

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Install. Inspect. Protect. Smoke Alarms Save Lives

State Fire Marshal July 4th Press Release:

Sunday, July 1, 2012


For many in Alaska, fireworks have become a way of life during the holidays – beautifullycolored sparks flying through the air in concert with loud rumbling explosions. As excitingas this may seem, people often forget that they are playing with dangerous chemicalsand combustibles that can destroy property and injure people. These deceptively simpleobjects explode, throw hot sparks through the air, and can often reach temperatureshotter than 1,200 degrees.“The safest way to enjoy fireworks is by attending a public fireworks display,” warnsDavid Tyler, Alaska State Fire Marshal. If you plan to shoot your own fireworks makesure they are legal to use in your area and pay particular attention to safety tips to helpreduce the chances of a destructive fire and/or injury: (more…)

Spring Cleaning?…

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Below is a simple set of guidelines that the Anchorage Fire Department’s Wildfire Mitigation office has produce as a reminder for residents as they prepare for spring yard cleaning:

The Anchorage Wildfire Mitigation Office has been receiving an increased number of calls regarding burn permits and guidelines. We have updated all information on the AFD website to reflect the guidelines (www.muni.org/fire). Please call 267-4980 if you have any questions or concerns. (more…)

Remember to Vote Tuesday April 3rd

Friday, March 30, 2012

We know it’s coming and we continually get caught off guard as candidates gear up for the upcoming city election.  They haunt us on the radio, interrupt our favorite prime time television, and of course overload our mailbox as we go about our daily life.  All in hopes that whatever message they are trying to send or person they are trying to be can relate to your thoughts and beliefs, because that is the name you might remember when you step in to that voting booth and scan down the list of names.  Of course there are plenty of educated voters who do their homework making sure the candidate they choose is indeed the individual they feel is best for the job…and we commend you.

Since AFD Status is focused completely on the public safety for our community we carry a simple goal when it comes to elections here in Anchorage and Eagle River;  “Are you the best candidate for the safety of our community and will you continue to make this a priority?”  So as you read through your mail,watch the TV ads, or even get the opportunity to address the candidates; consider asking them this very question.  We are able to perform our job above and beyond the call of duty due to the continued support of our community and it shows.  We have a nationally ranked cardiac save rate, our property losses per capita due to fire is below average, and you can find our firefighters giving back everyday in the community. (more…)