Anchorage Fire Academy



We are in the process of training 9 Paramedic/Firefighters to hit the operations line Summer 2015


29 recruits passed their academy and were placed on the line for their probationary period of one year.


The Anchorage Fire Department has welcomed 31 new firefighter/EMT’s to the orientation academy and we look forward to them helping relieve the staffing shortage we have seen over the last few years.  These individuals will make their way on to front-line Fire/EMS apparatus in the next 2 months where they will start their evaluation process through probation.


Although the process was not as straight forward as many candidates thought, the Anchorage Fire Department administration has offered conditional employment to around 30 plus.  These candidates are scheduled to proceed with their orientation, contingent on them passing their physical exam and psychological interview, some time in May.  These candidates were hired with many certification needs already current which will shorten their need for extensive training prior to theirfirst day working on the line.  The hope is that these candidates past training and certification is up to our standards keeping them from being let go.


As you can see by our home page there was a federal public safety grant awarded to Anchorage for the sole purpose of hiring firefighter/EMT’s.  The hope is that our administration will move quickly to organize and appropriate these funds to bring on a new hire academy.  AFD has not had a new hire academy since fall of 2008 and during this time they have experienced numerous retirements leaving vacancies that can only be filled with overtime.  Although the current administration feels that having firefighters work numerous hours over their scheduled time will inflate their salaries and make them look bad in the public’s eye, this is no way to run a fire department.  We need to fill these positions to eliminate overtime and help save the city money.

Unfortunately at this time, there is no definitive date set for an Anchorage Fire Department new hire academy.  A step in the right direction, as most have seen is the fact that they are proceeding with a hiring process that will produce a list from which they can hire.  We’ll keep you up to date.

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