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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Historically, Anchorage voters have been great supporters of public safety, passing nearly every public safety bond to come before them in the last ten years. The men and women of the Anchorage Fire Department do not take that trust lightly, and have worked hard to be part of an emergency response system that delivers some of the best pre-hospital care in the country. Our cardiac save rate continues to be one of the best in the nation, as studies have shown that you have a nearly 40% chance of survival, ranking right behind Seattle and a much higher percentage than the single digits of the majority of US urban areas. This success has led to the Anchorage Fire Department’s inclusion in several studies testing new drugs, equipment, and interventions.


Now we are asking the people of Anchorage to support us once again, with the passage of Proposition 2, the addition of an additional Medical Intensive Care Unit, commonly known as an ambulance, to be based at Fire Station 7, SandLake.

back of ambulance

The opening of a new ambulance in Sand Lake is several years overdue, as evident by an annual 4% increase in call volume over the last four years. This workload is managed by the 7 existing AFD ambulances stationed in the Anchorage Bowl. Currently, the nearest ambulances to Sand Lake are stationed in Spenard, Dimond, and Huffman, but with those ambulances seeing increasing call volumes as well, residents of Sand Lake are waiting longer for transport to area hospitals. Sometimes, ambulances have to come all the way from Midtown or even Downtown to attend to patients. Adding another ambulance to the Anchorage Fire Department system will alleviate the pressure on all of the existing ambulances by keeping them in their home areas more often, cutting response and transport times for all Anchorage residents, including Eagle River.

For the official ballot language, please go here

Proposition 2 Language – Per

and remember to vote on April 6th!

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