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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Station1LogoAnchorage Fire Station 1 is located in downtown Anchorage and is primarily responsible for fire and emergency medical responses in the Downtown, Government Hill, and Fairview communities. Fire Station 1 also serves the Port of Anchorage along with the Ship Creek Industrial areas.

Station 1 has long been a fixture in our community starting out as one of two fire stations built in 1916 to protect the city during the construction of the Alaska Railroad. Originally called “The Anchorage Fire Hall” it was constructed in the area that is today located at F Street between 4th and 5th Avenues. In the early 1960’s Station 1 moved from that location to a new public safety building on the corner of 6th and C Street, where the new Anchorage Museum now sits. In 2001 we moved into our new “house” on the corner of 4th and A Street.

Now nicknamed “The Big House” Fire Station 1 houses Engine 1, Engine 2, Truck 1, Battalion Chief 1, HazMat 1, and E1 - E2Medic 1. Approximately 15 firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians, and Paramedics staff Fire Station 1 daily during our 24 hour shifts. These crews still remain as one of the busiest fire stations in Alaska.

2008 Emergency Response Numbers:

Engine 1 – 2124 Responses

Engine 2 – 2434 Responses

Medic 1 – 3949 Responses

Truck 1 – 829 Responses

Fire Station 1 also serves as the home of the Hazardous Materials Response Team. The firefighters at Station 1 are specially trained as hazardous materials technicians and respond to incidents involving hazardous materials throughout the city. Additionally, we are apart of a statewide response team for Hazardous Materials incidents and must be ready to respond statewide. Our members are constantly educating themselves on the subject of HazMat at schools across the United States. These opportunities are provided by federal grants our department applies for keeping the cost to a minimum.

Station 1If you are interested in seeing some of Anchorage’s firefighting history, we invite you to visit our Anchorage Fire Museum located adjacent to our station in the headquarters building. It houses on of the two original 1922 American LaFrance fire engines that protected Anchorage’s early settlers along with other historical firefighting tools and equipment. The museum is open daily to the public and we welcome you to come by and visit.

2 Responses to Bio: Anchorage Fire Station 1…

  1. jasen shaw says:

    my father was a engineer at station 1.just wanted to what it looked like now.His name is Bill shaw.

  2. I support our cities fire fighters and I will buy a AFD t shirt at your museum tomorrow. Shame on me I bought two shirts and a hat at The Trooper Museum.

    Keep up the great work you all do!

    a.k.a. Malice Cooper

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