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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fire Station 4 is located in midtown Anchorage and responds to emergencies in the most rapidly growing commercial area in Anchorage. With the recent growth in this area Station 4 crews have been required to further their training in responding to fires in larger commercial structures which can be more complex due to their scope and size. In 2008 Station 4 crews responded to almost 3,200 calls for assistance, many requiring emergency medical assistance, rescue, fire suppression, or in some cases a combination of all three.

station 4Station 4 is home to Engine 4, Medic 4, Rescue 4, the on duty Chief Medical Officer, and the Water Rescue Team. Engine 4 responds “first in” as the initial response apparatus to all forms of emergent calls in the midtown area. Did you know that Anchorage Fire Department crews respond to emergencies throughout the Anchorage area, often moving outside their “home” area to provide assistance in other parts of town? Medic 4 responds to medical emergencies as well as fires and other emergencies in the midtown area and throughout Anchorage. Did you know that all Anchorage Fire Department personnel are cross trained to provide both emergency medical service as well as fire and rescue services. This equals efficient service when a single responder can provide a variety of services depending on the situation and needs. Rescue 4 is the only staffed and dedicated heavy rescue unit in the Anchorage area. This very specialized apparatus and it’s crews provide specialized equipment and knowledge for vehicle accidents, industrial accident entrapments, water and mud rescues, and firefighter rescues should one of our own become entrapped in a burning structure. Rescue 4 frequently responds throughout the entire municipality of Anchorage. The Chief Medical Officer provides medical oversight and direction for responders throughout Anchorage on a daily basis, in addition the Chief Medical Officer manages a significant variety of studies and clinical trials being conducted by the Anchorage Fire Department.Station04_logo

Did you know that many of these studies and trials are grant funded and offer the Anchorage Fire Department a revenue stream outside of any taxes or fees collected by Anchorage citizens. Station 4 crews, like all other fire department crews in Anchorage, specialize in certain types of rescue and provide these services throughout the municipality. Station 4 crews have specialized training in surface and subsurface water rescue. Station 4 is home of the Water Rescue Team which maintains the Dive Team capability for response to water related emergencies throughout the municipality. This specialized team is even trained to rescue persons that have fallen through the ice and become stuck underneath, it is one of the only teams in the state of Alaska trained to do so. Did you know that someone who has become submerged in cold water can still survive after as long as 45 minutes! Station 4, your “Mid-Town Mad Dawgs” are a critical response component of the Anchorage Fire Department. Uniquely situated in the center of Anchorage they are poised to respond to emergencies of all kinds throughout the Municipality.

Come by and learn more, we’re located on Tudor at McInnes.

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  1. i have read many articles like this one already but so far, this one really caught my attention, and pretty sure not mine only….they should read this one! brief and concise. very good! great work! have a good day!

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